A plot for Orwell: A Russian soldier confessed to killing a Ukrainian and looting.

But that’s not why he was convicted

In Khabarovsk, Russia, Danil Frolkin, 21, a Russian army soldier who confessed to the murder of a civilian in Kyiv region, Ukraine was sentenced by a court to 5.5 years of probation. Frolkin was found guilty of spreading “fakes” about the army, and even by an “organized group for profit motives.”

This was reported by Siberia.Realii from the courtroom. The prosecution requested 6 years in prison for the war criminal for admitting his crimes. The court sentenced him to almost the same punishment, but on suspension, and banned him from holding public office for 2 years. Frolkin was not under arrest, he left the courtroom without any obstacles.

In August 2022, Frolkin confessed to the Vazhnye Istorii (Important Stories) that he had personally killed civilian Ruslan Yaremchuk in the village of Andriyivka near Kyiv, where he was deployed with the 64th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade. Frolkin also confessed to looting and named the commanders who gave the criminal orders.

Frolkin was identified thanks to a photo from a local resident’s phone that was found in the Kyiv region after the liberation. Investigations by Russian journalists showed that other Russians may have been involved in the killings and terror of civilians. Of all those identified, only Frolkin confessed to the crime.

Russian military personnel suspected of murders in the Ukrainian village of Andriyivka – Daniil Frolkin (bottom left), Dmitry Danilov, Ruslan Glotov, and Ivan Shepelenko. Source: Vazhnye Istorii (Courtesy Image)

The cynicism of the situation is striking

A Russian military officer publicly admits his participation in war crimes. Instead, in December 2022, a criminal case was opened against 21-year-old Frolkin under the article Public dissemination of knowingly false information about the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, committed by an organized group for mercenary purposes (Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

And he was not convicted of murder, looting, war crimes, or violations of the law of war. He was convicted (and immediately released in the courtroom, as the sentence was suspended) for “lying” about the Russian army. 

Because in the Russian propaganda alternative reality, Russian troops do not commit crimes. 

This horrific case proves once again that the killing of Ukrainians is tolerated in Russia.

On March 14, the UN Security Council, at Russia’s request, held a closed session to discuss “the problem of Russophobia.” All speakers, except for those invited by Russia, pointed out that by discussing the “problem of Russophobia” the Russian delegation was diverting attention from the war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine.

In particular, historian and Yale University professor Timothy Snyder said:

“The sustained training or education of Russians to believe that genocide is normal. 

We see this in the president of Russia’s repeated claims that Ukraine does not exist. We see this in genocidal fantasies on Russian state media. We see this in a year of state television reaching millions or tens of millions of Russian citizens every day. We see this when Russian state television presents Ukrainians as pigs. We see this when Russian state television presents Ukrainians as parasites. We see this when Russian state television presents Ukrainians as worms. We see this when Russian state television presents Ukrainians as Satanists or as ghouls. 

We see this when Russian state television proclaims that Ukrainian children should be drowned. We see this when Russian state television proclaims that Ukrainian houses should be burned with the people inside. We see this when people appear on Russian state television and say: “They should not exist at all. We should execute them by firing squad.” We see this when someone appears on Russian state television and says “we will kill 1 million, we will kill 5 million, we can exterminate all of you,” meaning all of the Ukrainians. […]

The claim that Ukrainians have to be killed because they have a mental illness known as “russophobia” is bad for Russians, because it educates them in genocide.

Unfortunately, this court verdict sets a precedent that anyone who returns to Russia from the war can say without fear how many civilians they killed and how much property they stole. This person will not be punished. More precisely, he will be punished, but for “defaming” the army.

A good story for George Orwell. But this is the reality.

Accordingly, only international efforts can restore justice. 

As a reminder, the International Criminal Court is to open two cases against Russia related to the invasion of Ukraine.

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Cover photo: Daniil Frolkin (Slidstvo.info Courtesy)

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