Alcoholic beverages manufacturer Jägermeister stopped supplying products to Russia

The German Mast-Jägermeister SE, which produces the well-known liqueur, stopped supplying its products to Russia. Local distributors promise to “find opportunities” to import brand alcohol “in alternative ways”. That might mean illegal ways.

Russian restaurants and bars have already been notified of price increases for Jägermeister, which is left in the warehouses of local suppliers, the media reported.

The vice-president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, Sergey Mironov, announced the suspension of the official import of Jägermeister products. He emphasized that local distributors are already looking for “alternative” ways of supply, and after some time “will definitely find them.”

At the same time, suppliers have already warned restaurants about price increases for brand alcohol that remains in their warehouses. Obviously, in the future, they will try to import Jägermeister to the aggressor country through the so-called “parallel import”.

At the same time, the German company has not commented in any way on the announcement of the termination of product deliveries to Russia. On the eve of the Russian mass media, information spread that Jägermeister decided to completely leave the market of the country which has been waging a war of aggression against Ukraine.

The official distributor of Jägermeister in Russia, “Rust”, stated that the German company did not stop cooperation with him and the Russian supplier has a valid contract with the liquor manufacturer.

The information about the cessation of supplies at “Rust” was explained by possible interruptions with logistics chains in certain regions of Russia, but they assure that the situation is temporary.

Almost all big international companies left the Russian market since Moscow has launched an all-out war against Ukraine. Jägermeister joins the list.

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