All the fun is yet to come: The Freedom of Russia Legion revealed its plans

Alexei Baranovsky, a representative of the political wing of the Freedom of Russia Legion, outlined the immediate prospects for the Russian fighters, who are now in the Belgorod region (Russia) to conduct active raids against Putin’s regime. 

“If it is possible to gain a foothold and hold some territory for a long time – then there will be a temporary military administration there, and some measures will be taken to interact with the population for a long period. Now, by the way, the liberation fighters have no problems with the population, a very large number of people want to join and we receive information about the movement of police and army from the locals, which is very nice and inspiring,” said Baranovsky.

He also announced a “plan B”: “If there is no chance to consolidate and there is a need to retreat, then we retreat. There is no task to die heroically right now. There is a task to divert the Russian army from other directions, there is a task to gain combat experience, to show Russia that resistance is possible and that it is necessary to join it.”

He stressed that “war is the art of cunning, maneuvers are going on now, there are different variants of events, and the most interesting is yet to come.”

He also noted that in the border regions of Russia, “the informational gloom is falling, because people face reality and see that it is not at all the way it is told on Russian television.”

“In the long run, not only the residents of the Belgorod region, but also the Kursk region, the Bryansk region, and then Moscow and the whole country will know about it,” he added.

Clashes in the Belgorod region

On the morning of June 1, Russian media reported fighting in Russia’s Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine. Soon, soldiers of the Freedom of Russia Legion and fighters of the Russian Volunteer Corps recorded appeals in which they confirmed their involvement in the clashes.

The Freedom of Russia Legion fighters stated that their goal was to free the entire Russian Federation from Putin’s regime. They also reported on the destruction of Russian military equipment on the territory of Belgorod region.

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