Banksy created masterpieces on war-destroyed homes in Ukraine

Banksy visited Borodyanka town in the Kyiv region. There, the famous British street artist created his graffiti and shared a picture of it on his Instagram account.

He sketched a girl gymnast leaning on the ruins while standing upside down on her hands on the wall of a war-devastated home. The artist had to work among the concrete and rebar shattered by the explosion.

Banksy’s girl gymnast graffiti in Borodyanka

“Borodyanka, Ukraine,” Banksy laconically signed the picture. While his followers awaited evidence that he visited war-torn Ukrainian towns.

In March, Borodyanka, was invaded by Russians troops, war crimes and killings of civilians by Russian soldiers were registered there. Then it was a place of fierce battles.

Banksy’s graffiti in Kyiv’s Independence Square

The debate over whether Banksy had visited Ukraine arose a few days ago when two kids swinging on a protective metal hedgehog emerged as graffiti on concrete blocks in Kyiv’s Independence Square. Banksy’s fan page published the image.

Then there was a photo from Borodyanka, in which a young boy is seen throwing a man wearing a kimono and carrying a black belt from the interior wall of the damaged home. Photographer Ed Ram, who works in Ukraine for foreign media, shared the image.

A British street artist by the name of Banksy rose to fame for his stencil graffiti, initially in Bristol and London and eventually all over the world. Despite working for close to 30 years, his real name is still a mystery.

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