Berlusconi cannot be trusted

After the scandal involving criticism of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi began to talk about supporting Ukraine. He wrote about this on Facebook.

Italy supports Ukraine, but Berlusconi sides Russia

According to him, the facts show that Italy has always supported the Ukrainian people and voted in its parliament and Europe for military and financial assistance without hesitation.

“I have always been and remain on the side of the Ukrainian people and peace. I hope that a diplomatic solution will soon be found to this dangerous war for all of us,” Berlusconi stated.

“I have always been and am on the side of the Ukrainian people and peace,” he added.

But if you recall Silvio’s previous statements, for example, in an interview with IL Messaggero, he said he would never talk to the President of Ukraine as prime minister. 

“Because we are witnessing the devastation of the country and the massacre of its soldiers and civilians. 

Berlusconi accused Zelensky of attacking the alleged two autonomous republics of Donbas. 

“If Zelensky had not done this, it would not have happened. So I assess the behavior of this gentleman very, very negatively,” he said.

Berlusconi also said US President Joe Biden should force Ukraine to surrender by stopping providing aid. 

In this way, Berlusconi is trying to kiss Putin’s bloody hands, just as he did with Gaddafi.

The government of Italian Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni reaffirmed its support for Ukraine after Berlusconi’s statement. It said that her government would be pro-European and pro-NATO. Meloni emphasized that any party that disagrees with her foreign policy line should not be part of the government.

Berlusconi’s scandalous statements

At the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Berlusconi, who is called Putin’s friend, said he was “disappointed and saddened” by his behavior.

However, he then suggested that Europe “make a peace offer to Putin and the Ukrainians, trying to force Kyiv to accept Russia’s demands.” 

He also claimed that the Russian army was supposedly supposed to replace the Ukrainian government with “decent people” and called Putin a “man of peace.”

Among other things, the Forza Italia leader claimed, for example, that Russian President Vladimir Putin was forced to go to war, which he did not want, to install “a government that the Ukrainian minority of decent people with common sense had already elected.”

Volodymyr Zelensky responded to Berlusconi’s statements by saying that the politician was repeating Putin’s narratives.

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