Cooperation between Iran and Russia will affect Middle East

The Iranian-Russian partnership has already impacted Ukraine and could have “even more dangerous consequences for the Middle East.”

The head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), William Burns, said that Russia hopes for help from Iran, which threatens US allies in the region. PBS reports it.

“What is beginning to emerge is at least the beginnings of a full-fledged defense partnership between Russia and Iran, with the Iranians supplying the Russians with drones that are killing Ukrainian civilians as we speak. The Russians are beginning to look for ways to technologically or technically support the Iranians, which is a real threat to Iran’s neighborhood and to many of our friends and partners in Iran’s neighborhood,” he said.

According to Burns, the Iranian-Russian partnership focused on the Ukraine war, which “has claimed the lives of many innocent Ukrainians.” He argues that this could result in “even more dangerous consequences for the Middle East” if these processes continue.

“So, we take this very seriously,” he added.

Burns also spoke about Iran’s protests, which are now in their fourth month. He believes that Tehran does not feel an immediate threat to its grip.

The Iranian regime has at its disposal proven methods of repression and harshness, which are used now. In his opinion, if you look at the long-term prospects of Iran, its authorities do not have satisfactory answers to the question of what their young population wants, where 70% of people are under 30 years old.

Earlier, Khamenei’s nephew supported the protests aimed at overthrowing the regime in Iran. 

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