Czech police investigate the case of raised Wagner PMC flag

In the Czech Republic, police have launched an investigation into a woman from the city of Znojmo who raised the flag of the Russian Wagner PMC military mercenaries. This was reported by Czech Radio.

“The police are familiar with the case. An investigation is underway. At the moment, however, we cannot provide more comments,” Czech police spokesman David Chaloupka told the media about the hanging of the flag of mercenaries of the Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Wagner group in a private home in the Znojmo area.

Wagner PMC conducts war operations in Ukraine with the Russian troops invading independent Ukraine. The UN accuses the Wagner PMC of committing massacres in Mali. Wagner’s fighters are also associated in the media with a lot of war crimes committed in Ukraine.

The Wagner’s flag at her polling station was posted by Czech citizen Lucia Brikhtova, whose Facebook account, where such photos are posted, is overflowing with pro-Russian and anti-Ukrainian posts.

The woman is confident that there is nothing illegal in her actions, as she is not displaying the Z-symbol, which is a sign of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and for which a participant in a demonstration in Prague was recently convicted.

Jakub Jašek, 31, who went to a demonstration in Prague on March 11, 2023, with a “Z” patch on his backpack and the Wagner PMC logo on his jacket sleeve, was found guilty.

On May 17, a court in Prague’s first district sentenced Jakub Jašek to six months’ suspended imprisonment, with a two-year grace period, for denying the genocide, endorsing it, and justifying it. Jašek is banned from coming to Prague for one year and fined 12,000 Czech korunas (about 500 euros).

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