EU proposed to create a special court to investigate Russian war crimes

The European Union has called for the establishment of a special court to investigate the crime of Russian aggression in Ukraine. The Ukrainian President’s Office has already responded to this. Ursula von der Leyen stated this.

Frozen Russian assets are to be used to restore Ukraine

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said on November 30 that this court should be created with the support of the UN.

“Russia must pay for its horrific crimes. We will work with the ICC and help set up a specialized court to try Russia’s crimes. With our partners, we will make sure that Russia pays for the devastation it caused, with the frozen funds of oligarchs and assets of its central bank”, Ursula von der Leyen declared.

“Continuing to support the International Criminal Court, we propose to create a specialized court with the support of the UN to investigate and prosecute the crime of Russian aggression”,- the politician said.

She added that the EU, together with its partners, will make sure that Russia pays for the destruction it caused in Ukraine with the help of frozen money of oligarchs and assets of its central bank.

The Head of Ukraine’s Presidential Office, Andriy Yermak, stated that the EU proposal is what Ukraine has been offering for a long time.

“Russia will pay for crimes and destruction. They will not avoid it,” Yermak assured.

Why is a special court needed for Russia’s war crimes?

None of the international courts can bring the political and military leadership of the aggressor state to justice for the invasion of Ukraine. That is why a special tribunal is needed for this purpose. Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly called for its creation.

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