‘Europe Now’ movement leads in Montenegro’s elections

‘Europe Now’, the party of the new Montenegrin President, won the parliamentary election, beating the Democratic Party of Socialists, which ruled the country for years.

The pro-European ‘Europe Now’ movement also advocates closer ties with Serbia and it is led by former Finance Minister Milojko Spajic.

As evidenced by exit poll data published by the Balkan Insight, ‘Europe Now’ movement gains 25.5% of the vote or 23 parliamentary seats.

The coalition “Together! For the Future That Belongs to You” coalition with 22.8% of the vote, or 22 seats. The coalition “For the Future of Montenegro” is in third place with 14.7% (13 seats).

Next is the coalition “Alexa and Dritan – Courage Matters!” with 12.3% or 11 seats, followed by the Bosniak Party of Montenegro with 6.9% or six seats, and the coalition of the Socialist People’s Party of Montenegro and the Democratic Alliance with 3.2% or two seats.

The parliamentary elections in Montenegro were held the day before. They were the first in the republic after Milo Đukanović, the former leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), lost the presidential election in April and resigned after 30 years in power.

Jakov Milatovic, representing the ‘Europe Now’ movement, won the presidential election in April. On 20 May, he was sworn in and officially took office.

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