European Parliament approved the text of the resolution recognizing Russia as a terrorist state

The text of a resolution declaring Russia to be a sponsor of terrorism has been approved by the European Parliament. Voting on this resolution in the European Parliament will take place soon.

The European Parliament’s political groups engaged in four hours of negotiations. They finally settled on the text. Andrius Kubilius, an MEP, made this statement.

What is stated in the resolution’s text?

Next week, there will be a vote on the resolution. The document’s thesis will be, “The European Parliament recognizes Russia as a state that utilizes terrorist means and a state sponsor of terrorism.”

The member of the European Parliament Witold Waszczykowski thinks the likelihood of the resolution being adopted is 50/50. Some EU nations continue to fear the consequences of this move. Specifically, the breaking off of diplomatic ties with Russia and the tightening of sanctions on it.

Several nations have already officially designated Russia as a state that sponsors terrorism.

The resolution received support from the Polish Senate on October 26. Poland denounced Russian aggression and requested that other nations label Russia’s leadership as a terrorist organization.

The Latvian Saeima declared Russia to be a state supporter of terrorism in August. Lithuania and Estonia came to the same conclusion.

The Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly declared the Russian government to be a terrorist organization on October 13. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

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