European Parliament calls to invite Ukraine to NATO

Members of the European Parliament have called on NATO to invite Ukraine to join the Alliance as soon as possible. They also do not believe that Ukraine’s accession to NATO during the war is possible but suggest simplifying the accession process after the victory over Russia’s aggression.

Source: European Parliament

The EU Parliament has stated that before Ukraine joins, NATO must provide Kyiv with reliable security guarantees. Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance will strengthen regional and global security.

  • MEPs want forthcoming NATO summits to pave the way for an invitation to Ukraine
  • Russia’s destruction of Kakhovka Dam has been recognised a war crime
  • A comprehensive EU package of measures needed for Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery
  • Parliament supported opening EU membership negotiations this year

Europe calls for Ukraine to be invited to join NATO

A resolution calling for Ukraine to be invited to join the Alliance was adopted on 14 June. “425 MEPs voted in favour, 38 voted against, and 42 abstained. The European Parliament hoped that “the accession process would begin after the war’s end and be completed as soon as possible”.

MEPs also called on the EU and NATO to work closely with Ukraine until it becomes a full member of the Alliance. NATO should also develop temporary security guarantees to be implemented immediately after the war.

Ukraine demands that the Atlantic Alliance announce explicit security guarantees at the July NATO summit in Vilnius. At the same time, the White House is considering offering Ukraine an “Israeli” security model instead of full membership in the Alliance.

The EU Parliament is convinced that Ukraine’s accession to NATO will strengthen regional and global security and ensure deeper integration between Ukraine and the Euro-Atlantic community.

The MEPs also mentioned their support for the European Commission’s decision to grant Ukraine the status of an EU candidate country. They hope for a positive recommendation from the Commission, in which case negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU could begin as early as this year.

Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that Ukraine is already playing the role of NATO’s eastern flank. He expects the July NATO summit to clarify when and how Ukraine can join the Alliance.

Some member states oppose Ukraine’s accession to NATO because Ukraine is at war with Russia. And some members of the Alliance fear that Ukraine’s accession would mean a risk of war with Russia in the future.

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