European Parliament resolution recognizes Belarus regime’s responsibility for war crimes

A new resolution declaring that both Russia and the Alexander Lukashenko Belarusian administration are accountable for war crimes committed in Ukraine has been adopted by the European Parliament. The resolution of the European Parliament on Belarus demands that those responsible for war crimes be prosecuted.

Belarus must be subject to the same sanctions that are imposed on Russia

The European Parliament strongly condemns the Lukashenko administration’s participation in Russia’s war against Ukraine while supporting the view of the democratic opposition in Belarus. It states that Belarus should be recognized as an occupied territory from which Russian troops should immediately withdraw. 

The resolution states that the Belarusian regime should be held accountable before a global tribunal and the International Criminal Court for its joint complicity with Russia in war crimes committed in Ukraine.

The MEPs emphasized that Belarus must be subject to the same sanctions as those imposed on Russia.

Ongoing suppression of democratic opposition in Belarus

The European Parliament resolution also condemned the Lukashenko regime for the persecution of the opposition. The so-called “Autukhovich twelve” and other members of Belarus’s over 1400 political prisoners have received arbitrary and politically motivated sentences, which the European Parliament strongly opposes.

The resolution criticizes Ales Bialiatski’s continued detention and calls on the Aleksandr Lukashenko dictatorship in Belarus to secure his release before the prize ceremony on December 10 in Oslo.


European Parliament wants more collaboration with Belarusian opposition

The MEPs once again urge EU nations and the European Commission to firmly slap Belarus with the same sanctions as they have done with Russia. 

Additionally, they ask for more structured collaboration between the EU and leaders of Belarusian democratic movements. They also encourage EU institutions to promote independent news organizations in Belarus, such as Next.

Lukashenko provides Russia with weapons

Russia often conducts missile strikes on Ukraine from Belarusian soil. The Lukashenko regime provides the Kremlin with equipment and ammunition. His administration handed over to Russia more than 200 pieces of military hardware in only the month of October. It included 98 T-72A tanks, BMP-2 infantry vehicles, and Ural trucks.

So, as of November 2022, Russia continues to demilitarize Belarus to use its weapons against Ukraine.

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