French court declares RT France bankrupt

Moscow-backed media organization being liquidated by a Nanterre court, according to the head of RT France.

According to the company’s president Ksenia Fedorova, a French commercial court has officially declared the Kremlin-backed media channel RT France bankrupt.

Fedorova tweeted on Friday night, “The court of Nanterre took the decision to put RT France in liquidation — a media that has not pleased [French President] Emmanuel Macron since its launch and, which was sanctioned by the EU a year ago as a precautionary measure because of the conflict in Ukraine”

After Russia began its full-scale attack on Ukraine in February of last year, the EU prohibited Russian government-funded media.

However, the sanctions didn’t stop the outlets from creating content. The Russian channel has continued to produce, publish, and broadcast content over the past year that is more directed at a francophone audience in African nations like Mali and Burkina Faso.

Following an EU asset freeze decision made in December, the French authorities banned RT France’s bank accounts earlier this year. After then, the business was placed in receivership and subsequently faced bankruptcy.

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