“Fukushima Scenario” warning at Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant – Energoatom Head

Russian invading troops are trying to seize control over the technical operations of the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. These attempts threaten a global disaster for the entire world.

Petro Kotin, president of Energoatom, said as much in an interview with the German TV channel ZDF, according to DW.

Photo: ukrinform.ua

“The invaders are attempting to take over the ZNPP’s technical operations. They entered the chief engineer’s office on Saturday and announced that Moscow was assuming complete control and that any decisions made with the technical plan required prior approval. An extremely dangerous situation exists, according to the head of Ukraine’s government-run nuclear plants operator.

Russian attacks would prevent Ukraine from launching a power unit, according to Kotin.

“One of the risky elements is the impending winter season, which is accompanied by a drop in ambient temperatures, which worsens the operational circumstances of the station’s equipment. In fact, the air temperature should be above 20 degrees Celsius in the rooms, for example, where diesel generators are installed, while it is 15 degrees in other locations. The temperature cannot be allowed to fall below zero. Steam from running power units is the sole heat source that can keep the ZNPP’s needed temperature constant. Only when at least one power unit is on can it be obtained. The priority, in other words, is starting one of the power plants so that steam may be produced for personal use while also setting up the ZNPP’s safety systems for proper functioning, according to the Energoatom chief.

Kotin claims that if the Ukrainian electrical grid is cut off, the ZNPP will switch to diesel generators, and everything will then rely on how much fuel is supplied to them. It should be noted that the fuel was brought by both the invading forces and Energoatom.

“A Fukushima situation will arise when diesel generators stop. We recall that the melting of the active zones and the release of radioactive materials into the air and water cooling the reactors started within three hours. The entire globe is in danger, Kotin emphasized.

Energoatom states that because they have been working for the ZNPP for the previous seven months, the employees there are in really poor mental health. The invaders also abducted some of the Ukrainian nuclear plant officials and abused them.

“They have now kidnapped their HR deputy. This was done to guarantee the handover to the “ZNPP Operating Organization,” a fictitious organization they formed in Moscow. In order to persuade all employees to submit applications for employment with Rosatom, they established this false organization and hired a director there. I don’t advise them to do this, and I ask our staff members not to switch jobs freely or sign any contracts, Kotin added.

He remembered that the ZNPP is the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe. In addition to unit 5, which is currently in shutdown mode for testing, two power units are (officially) in repair mode. While the other power units are still in a cold state, Energoatom has been utilizing its steam to prepare this unit, according to Kotin.

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