Italy’s gas supply from Gazprom is cut off

The Italian energy firm Eni’s supplier, “Gazprom,” quit working with them “because of the inability of passage over the borders of Austria.”

The press office of the oil company Eni made this announcement on Saturday.

“On October 1, 2022, Gazprom made an announcement stating that due to the proclaimed difficulty of shipping gas through Austria, it was unable to confirm the supply of the gas volumes sought for today. As a result, today will see zero Russian gas flows to Eni through Tarvizio’s entry point “- the company’s message states this.

At the same time, an Eni spokesperson told the ANSA agency that Austria is still receiving gas from the distribution point on the Slovakian-Austrian border.

He added, “We are working to see if we can get the flow back to Italy with Gazprom”.


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