Germany got rid of dependence on Russian energy supplies – Scholz

 Germany ceased to depend on Russian energy sources in the shortest possible time.

 This was stated by Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz, speaking in the Bundestag on November 23.

 “Germany gradually ended its dependence on Russian coal, oil and gas.  As for gas, last year it reached 50%… And it made sure that there were alternatives, with unprecedented speed,” said Scholz.

 He noted that the gas storages were almost empty a year ago, and now they are completely full.  Scholz called it the result of the fact that in the spring the government did not give in to the opposition’s demand to immediately introduce an embargo on Russian gas.

 The head of the government of Germany informed that the first LNG terminals in the north of the country will start working in a matter of weeks.

 He also stood up for the Ministry of Defense amid criticism from the opposition.  Scholz assured that defense spending will be brought to 2% of GDP, but “not chaotically and as quickly as possible”, but in a way that actually guarantees the Bundeswehr’s combat capability for decades ahead, so that the defense industry supplies exactly what is needed.

 Scholz also repeatedly stated that Russia should stop the war of aggression against Ukraine.

 According to him, the G20 sent a clear signal to Moscow that all threats with nuclear weapons are absolutely unacceptable.

 This “red line” was once again clearly outlined in Bali, the chancellor noted, adding that China agrees with it.

 The chancellor assured that Germany will supply Ukraine with exactly the weapons that the armed forces need most, and will support Ukraine as long as it is needed.

 Scholz also emphasized his role in the fact that the EU opened up a European future for Ukraine, Moldova and, in the future, Georgia.

 As reported, the fact that Ukraine will be granted candidate status was announced during Scholz’s visit to Kyiv.

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