Germany provides Ukraine Vulcano high-precision projectiles

The German government provides Ukraine with over 250 Vulcano high-precision artillery rounds.

Germany has updated its list of military aid to Ukraine, which now includes a new batch of high-precision munitions.

Vulcano projectile can hit targets up to 70-80 km with 5-m accuracy

Vulcano high-precision projectiles are high-precision artillery shells capable of hitting targets at a range of up to 70-80 km with 5-meter accuracy. The final target approach can be made at a 90-degree angle, reducing interception risk.

This type of projectile is compatible with any NATO artillery with a calibre of 155 mm. The charge mass is less than that of the classic 155 mm projectile, but it has a higher speed. The GLR version also has a programmable fuse, which increases the efficiency of the fire.

Ukraine received several types of high-precision artillery ammunition

In the case of the Vulcano GLR, Ukraine will receive another type of precision artillery ammunition after the German SMArt anti-tank, the Swedish-French BONUS anti-tank and the American high-precision Excalibur ammunition, which uses an INS/GPS similar to the Vulcano GLR.

Vulcano is a joint development of the Leonardo (formerly Oto Melara) and Diehl companies.

Vulcano projectile can hit moving enemy targets

The Vulcano and the American-made Excalibur shells are both precision-guided artillery rounds. Still, they have some distinct capabilities, like Vulcano’s ability to hit moving targets.

The Italian-developed Vulcano system includes two main types of ammunition: unguided, Long Range and guided, Extended Range. The latter uses a combination of GPS and inertial guidance and is also capable of semi-active laser terminal guidance, making it able to hit moving targets. 

There is an improved version of the ammunition – Vulcano GLR. Its range is notably impressive, with the guided version reportedly capable of hitting targets up to 120 km away with a high level of precision when fired from a 155mm / 52 calibre gun (French Caesar, Polish Krab or German PzH 2000).

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