How NASAMS systems will help Ukraine protect itself against Russian missiles

Ukraine will receive 8 NASAMS systems from the US. They are based on the AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile and are among the greatest medium-range air defense systems. It was confirmed by the US officials.

According to military analyst Petro Chernyk interviewed by Channel 24, a NASAMS installation guards the US capital of Washington. Although the air defense system guarantees a high level of protection against missile attacks, it won’t be possible to completely cover the sky.

NASAMS station has six missiles

A NASAMS station has six missiles, and a battery has three launchers and a device for determining an object’s flight path. It is the calculation machine that is the most valuable.

Thus, the most challenging aspect of air defense is determining an object’s flight trajectory and planning the path for an anti-missile launch. The military expert stated that because air defense is a network, the launch battery’s machines are the most valuable.

Ukraine air defense system intercept about 90% of Russian missiles

The level of Ukraine’s air defense system is currently quite high. After all, the Ukrainian air defense forces intercepted about 90% of the more than 50 missiles fired by Russian forces toward Ukrainian cities on October 31.

The sky cannot be completely closed at the same time. Thus, even the Israeli “Iron Dome” allows for self-defense breaches. Ukraine will be able to enhance the performance of downed Russian missiles thanks to NASAMS systems, though.

Delivery of NASAMS to Ukraine: key facts

  • The United States plans to transfer 8 NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine. Two of them were handed over to the US government by Raytheon Technologies. Soon they will be in Ukraine.
  • Military expert Oleg Zhdanov said that one NASAMS battery costs about 30 million dollars, and a set of 6 batteries – about 180 million.
  • NASAMS is believed to have a 90 percent efficiency.
  • According to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the first NASAMS air defense systems are expected to be delivered to Ukraine in early November.
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