In Berlin, 2.5 times more crimes were recorded against Ukrainians than against other groups

According to law enforcement statistics, Ukrainians in the German capital are attacked more often than representatives of other nationalities. Over the past year, 3250 crimes were recorded.

This was reported by the Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations (Allianz Ukrainischer Organizationalen).

It is noted that at the request of the organization, Green Party MP Catrin Wahlen requested police statistics on attacks on Ukrainians in Berlin since February 24, 2022.

According to the data, attacks with injuries against people from Ukraine occur 2.5 times more often than against other groups in the German capital.

Most of these incidents were registered in the districts of Mitte (640) and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf (484). At the same time, the Alliance noted that law enforcement officials did not provide data on whether such attacks were politically motivated, although the police should have this information.

“We do not know this, but we have reason to believe that these are hate crimes. The Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations will continue to put pressure on political institutions in Berlin and Germany to ensure greater security for people from Ukraine, to investigate these cases, and to prevent them in the future,” the Alliance of Ukrainian Organizations noted.

Police have identified the suspect in about 1,200 of the 3,250 reported cases. These were mostly injuries (575), threats (187), and insults (86). 23 investigations resulted in a court case.

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