In the Czech Republic, a man was convicted for approving Russian aggression against Ukraine

In the Czech Republic, the District Court of Prague-9 sentenced a local resident to community service for publicly endorsing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and calling for support for the Russian Federation on social media.

This is written by Czech Television.

“The accused was found guilty under the article “denying, approving or justifying genocide”. He did not file an appeal, so the verdict became legally binding,” court representative Barbora Khlostova told the TV channel.

Prague prosecutor’s office specified that the man published four posts on social networks supporting Russia’s actions and justifying crimes against peace.

The posts were made on Facebook from a profile called Mára Mára. It had a significant following but has now been deleted. In addition, a video was published there in which a man in a T-shirt with a portrait of Vladimir Putin wished the Russian troops a speedy victory over Ukraine and expressed the hope that they would come to the Czech Republic in the coming years.

“Let’s hope that this will end as soon as possible, that Russia will conquer Ukraine as soon as possible, and then move towards us as soon as possible. I think that in the coming years there is a chance that the Russians will come here,” the video said.

Police tracked down and charged the profile’s owner on March 2, less than a week after the full-scale intrusion began. He became one of the first to be charged with approving Russian aggression.

According to the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic, until the end of November, investigators investigated 86 cases related to the support of the war started by Russia and the policy of the Kremlin. Of these, in 49 cases, official charges were brought against those involved.

Every day, citizens receive dozens of reports about such public statements, which are then checked. So far, only a few such cases have reached court.

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