Intelligence reveals Iran’s plan to transfer 200 drones to Russia

Russian troops are massively attacking Ukraine with Iranian kamikaze drones. Sadly, there are casualties among civilians and civilian infrastructure destroyed in Ukraine. Tehran still keeps sending drones to Russia.

More than 200 drones could soon be transferred from Iran to Russia. Ukrainian intelligence disclosed the Irans’ plans. It’s key to mention that Moscow utilizes Iranian drones to attack Ukraine’s vital infrastructure, kill Ukrainians, and target our residential regions.

When will Iran provide Russia a new batch of drones?

The next cargo to Iran is scheduled to arrive in early November, according to the intelligence. The invaders must be able to simultaneously acquire more than 200 combat drones of three types:

  • Shahed-136,
  • Mohajer-6
  • Arash-2.

The drones will be delivered to the Russian port of Astrakhan through the Caspian Sea. The Iranian drones will be delivered in pieces.

They will eventually be put together, painted over, and labeled with Russian marks, specifically “Geran-2,” on Russian soil, the DIU highlighted.

How many Iranian drones has the Ukrainian army already destroyed?

On September 13, 2022, the Russian invaders utilized Iranian drones for the first time in their war with Ukraine. The details were made public in the intelligence.

Particularly, on November 1, Putin’s troops once more used drones to assault Ukraine. The Russian UAV struck civilian facilities in the Poltava region. As a result, there was no electricity for the residents. Fortunately, preliminary information indicates that there were no casualties.

3 UAVs were shot down by the Ukrainian air defense forces. More than 300 Iranian kamikaze drones have already been destroyed by the Ukrainian air defenses since September 13.

The sale of drones to Russia is denied by Iranian authorities. However, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared that they are prepared to present proof in the form of drone parts created in Iran.

The European Union adopted new sanctions against Iran for combat drone delivery to Russia, which is at war against Ukraine

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