Iranian instructors in Belarus help launch drones targeting Ukraine

The Ukrainian National Resistance Center reports that Iranian instructors were brought to Belarus. There they train Russian military and coordinate Iranian-made drones launches on infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. It was reported by CNS website.

“In the village of Mikulichi, in the Gomel region, a group of Iranian instructors, officers of the IRGC IRI, who are under the heavy guard of Russian National Guards and FSB officers, was spotted”, the statement reads.

According to the information from the Belarusian partisans, these instructors coordinated the launches of UAVs “Shahed-136″ at the infrastructure facilities of Kyiv region, northern and western regions of Ukraine.”

Also, according to the local people in Belarus, the Russians have completely taken over control of the air bases in Baranovychi and Lida. The Russian invaders continue to use them for strikes on the territory of Ukraine.

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