Israel bombs Iranian drone assembly facility in Syria – SOHR

Israel bombed an Iranian drone assembly facility in Syria. The air strike took place on October 21 near Damascus. This is stated in the report of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

Israel struck at Iranian drones assembly facility

According to SOHR, Israel struck a facility where important parts and equipment for the assembly of Iranian drones were stored.

Israeli missiles struck near the Dimas military airport. As a result, military logistics and equipment were destroyed.

In addition, the radar and the runway of the airport were damaged. It is unknown whether there were casualties or injuries in the shelling.

Consignments of weapons, ammunition, and parts for the production of drones arrived at Dimas military airport in January 2022. Recently, Iran and the militants it supports have almost completely controlled this airport.

Moreover, Hezbollah members have been drilling there to store strategic weapons brought by Iran near the Syrian-Lebanese border.

Iran may provide Russia with more combat drones

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the United States condemned Tehran for helping the Kremlin. However, because of this, Iran is likely to give Russia even more drones, Bloomberg reported.

“We believe Russia has received dozens of these drones from Iran, and there may be more in the pipeline”, – Blinken said.

According to Mr. Blinken, the United States is already working to counter Iran’s efforts and trying to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to repel Russian drone attacks.

Earlier, Blinken also criticized Russia’s move on weapons import from Iran. In particular, the secretary of state noted that this is a sign of the Kremlin’s despair amid the US attempts to impose sanctions and undermine Russian industry.

On October 20, the EU approved sanctions against Iran for supplying Shahed drones to Russia. In particular, the restrictions were applied to organizations that supply drones.

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