Italian PM Meloni: Ukraine needs real security guarantees

The positions of Poland and Italy on Ukraine are identical, and Rome advocates the need for real security guarantees for Kyiv.

Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni stated this during a visit to Warsaw ahead of the NATO summit, Sky TG24 reported.

The Italian and Polish positions are essentially identical; we are at Ukraine’s side, at the side of the defence of the freedom of a people that is astonishing the world. We will continue to be at Ukraine’s side for as long as it is necessary by supporting it at 360 degrees. We are in perfect agreement with Poland on the need for real security guarantees for Ukraine, a fundamental condition for achieving a just and lasting peace tomorrow.

Giorgia Meloni, Italian Prime Minister

The Italian Prime Minister added that Italy will continue to stand by Ukraine, supporting it in all areas.

“We agree with Poland on the need for real security guarantees for Ukraine. Moreover, the conflict has a domino effect that Europe must respond to,” Meloni said.

According to the German newspaper FAZ, an agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine may be signed before the NATO summit, which will take place on 11-12 July in Vilnius.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed that Ukraine needs security guarantees, not as an alternative to membership in the Alliance, but for the time being until Ukraine becomes a NATO member.

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