Land and real estate of the Russian Center for Science and Culture frozen in Finland

At the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, law enforcement officers froze the land on which the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Helsinki is located, as well as the real estate owned by it

Photo: The building of the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Helsinki with the symbols of a communist totalitarian regime. @Yle

This was reported by Helsingin Sanomat.

According to the decision of the court enforcement service, a land plot of 3,326 square meters and the center’s office building of 3,926 square meters are being frozen.

According to official documents, the land plot is owned by the Russian Federation, and before that it belonged to the USSR.

Five apartments in the capital of Finland were also seized, and two more were temporarily arrested. The cost of each of the apartments, which ranges from 36 to 175 square meters, is estimated at 200-300 thousand euros. It is noted that the real estate, as well as the center of science and culture in Helsinki, belong to the Russian foundation Rossotrudnichestvo, which operates under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Law enforcement agencies usually estimate the value of frozen property in their decisions, but the value of the property of the Russian center is unknown.

Finland believes that the Russian Center for Science and Culture is not only part of Russia’s soft power, but can also be used for espionage activities.

The asset freeze is a temporary measure during which Russia is not allowed to transfer, alienate or pledge assets. It will be in effect for three weeks, during which the competent authorities will determine whether the land plots and office buildings are owned, possessed, or controlled by a sanctioned person.

In general, the activities of the Russian scientific and cultural center were suspended in July 2022.

As previously reported, in early April, due to EU sanctions, the Finnish law enforcers froze the finances of the Russian Center for Science and Culture located in Helsinki.

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