Subsea cables cut in French waters, Russian sabotage suspected

This week several subsea cables were cut in the south of France. This incident significantly affected the operation of the Internet around the world.

Cable cut in the south of France

Most likely this is the special action of Russian underwater saboteurs. In the current situation it is beneficial for Russia that European countries have more and more different kinds of problems in order to aggravate the situation in relation to Europe and Russia.

At least three fiber optic cables were reportedly cut. This slowed down internet access for users in Europe, Asia and the US. But internet providers quickly repaired the cables.

According to Zscaler company report, an unexpected cable failure resulted in data transferring losses and slowing down websites and applications that pass through damaged communications.


   Submarine Cable Map

Three faulty lines were found: Marseille-Lyon, Marseille-Milan and Marseille-Barcelona. Searching work to identify damaged sections of submarine cables are still continuing.

Cable damage in the UK

Another incident has occurred in Great Britain (Isles near Scotland). Following the cutting of the south undersea cable connecting the islands to the mainland, police have declared a serious accident.

As a result of the damage, 23,000 people living on the islands were left without the Internet, homes and businesses are affected across the isles.

The sabotage in the UK also sparked rumors that unknown Russian saboteurs might be involved in the cutting lines. De facto the Shetland Islands remained cut off from the world


Russian submarine damage to the global Internet infrastructure in hypothetical scenarios may sound a bit dramatic. However, the current geopolitical crisis brought on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine only supports its intervention.

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