Lithuanian MPs propose equating Russia’s aggression to Nazi, Soviet crimes

Six conservative members of the Lithuanian parliament have proposed legislation equating Russia’s actions in Ukraine with the crimes of the USSR and Nazi Germany.

It has been proposed by conservatives Paulius Saudargas, Valdas Ragutis, Laurynas Kasinas, Audronius Aubalis, Arvydas Pocius, and Justinas Urbanaviius, according to Lithuanian media outlet LRT.

They want to amend the Lithuanian Criminal Code to include the word “Russia” in the section that establishes penalties for denial of or blatant trivialization of international crimes, crimes committed by the USSR, or crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

According to the statement, “The purpose of the draft law is to establish criminal liability […] for anybody who publicly condones, deny, or grossly trivialize […] the aggression conducted/being committed by Russia against the Republic of Ukraine and the occupation of its territory (including Crimea).

Currently, public approval of international crimes, crimes of the USSR or Nazi Germany, denial of them or gross trivialisation is punishable by a fine, freedom restriction, arrest or imprisonment for up to two years.

“Although Russia’s aggression and occupation of Ukraine’s sovereign territory […] does not constitute a direct crime against the Republic of Lithuania or its citizens, the consequences of this event for the country’s national security are obvious.”

Earlier, Lithuania decided to join a register being set up by the Council of Europe members on the damage caused by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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