Macron and Meloni agreed to enhance cooperation, and continue to support Ukraine

France and Italy will strengthen their cooperation in the future, said French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at a meeting in Paris, signalling a warming of relations.

Macron and Meloni showed warming of relations

Despite “controversies” that may have existed between France and Italy, the two heads of state highlighted areas of agreement.

The debate was described as “frank, ambitious, and demanding” by Emmanuel Macron. French President referred to “the unique relationship that exists between Italy and France,” describing it as a “friendship that allows controversy to flourish, but always within a respectful framework.”

“Based on the discussion, we will be able to work even more and even better together,” Giorgia Meloni stated after the meeting.

France and Italy vowed to continue to support Ukraine

The leaders of Italy and France reaffirmed their “economic, humanitarian, and military” support for Ukraine.

“There is no doubt that Italy and France will continue to support the Ukrainian cause for as long as it takes, from every angle. If we do not do so, we will not find ourselves in a world of peace, but in a much more chaotic world, where war is coming closer to our home,” Meloni stated.

Macron and Meloni hailed the “excellent cooperation” in defence, stating that the SAMP/T air defence system, developed by France and Italy, was now “deployed and operational” in Ukraine to protect the country from Russia missile attacks.

Macron and Meloni discussed immigration issue

On the most contentious issue between the two countries, immigration, Macron stated that “coordination and work between the two nations must continue to be able to organize asylum and immigration in Europe more effectively.”

Meloni called for talks with North African nations to give “alternatives to encourage legal migration and dismantle trafficking networks” without addressing present disputes with France.

Italian and French leaders also discussed the need to “share responsibility by securing borders and showing solidarity within the EU”. They strengthened these ideals that must apply to all member states.

Georgia Maloney’s visit to France on June 20 was the first since she took over as Italian prime minister in October 2022. The relations between Paris and Rome were somewhat tense at the time due to disputes over migration and criticism of her right-wing views.

Areas with shared vision and topics that need more discussions

Meloni emphasized the “need” for discussion between France and Italy before highlighting the areas where the two countries share a vision, like support for Ukraine and defence concerns.

To reach “full strategic autonomy,” the EU has to deal with a “dual digital and climate transition.” This method, however, “cannot ignore social and economic sustainability” to be successful, Meloni claimed.

The French and Italian leaders underlined the necessity for a “neutral approach” to energy, which means that “energy should be decarbonised” regardless of its source.

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