Macron urges Russian church to resist to Kremlin’s pressure on the war in Ukraine

The Russian Orthodox Church is urged by French President Emmanuel Macron to resist pressure from the Russian regime on the war in Ukraine, Reuters reported.

The Russian Orthodox Church, according to the French President, is allowing itself to be used by the Russian government to support their war in Ukraine. Macron urged the Russian church to reject the Kremlin’s pressure.

During his official visit to Italy, Macron delivered this important address at a conference that was put on by the international charity and peace organization Sant’ Egidio Community. The conference’s theme is “The Cry for Peace,” and the French president spoke extensively about Ukraine suffering from Russia’s war of aggression.

Metropolitan Anthony, the second-ranking member of the Russian Orthodox Church, was listening to Macron’s speech from the front row of the conference room alongside other religious leaders.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, has enthusiastically supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In response to the absurdity of these attacks, Macron added, “Religious leaders also have a role of opposition. To defend their acts, those in power in Russia today “clearly know how the Orthodox religion is being used nowadays,” Macron remarked. “Resistance is needed here.” He was referencing Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Resistance, according to Macron, is defined as “never justifying, never caving into temptation, and never supporting political agendas that seek to undermine the dignity of every individual.”

Russian religious leader Kirill’s stance on Ukraine has strained relations with the Vatican and sparked an internal uprising that has resulted in several local Orthodox churches cutting connections with the Moscow Church.

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