Maurizio Marrone, anti-Ukrainian Italian politician in Russia’s scam referendums

In an effort to legitimize the invasion of Ukrainian land, Russia intends to use a member of the party Fratelli d’Italia, which is predicted to win the forthcoming Italian elections. We’re referring to the infamous right-wing radical politician Maurizio Marrone.

Marrone is named among the “observers” for scam referendums

He was on the list of ostensibly “independent observers” from the EU countries that the invaders planned to deploy to hold illegitimate “referendums” in Ukraine’s temporarily occupied regions.

The self-declared representative office of the Donetsk separatist organization “DPR” in Turin, Italy, is also run by Maurizio Marrone. At the same time, he represented the party Fratelli d’Italia as a municipal representative from the province of Piedmont.

Marrone represents the “DPR” separatist organization in Italy

Maurizio Marrone has twice traveled to the temporarily seized parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are held by the forces of the Russian-backed separatist factions “DPR” and “LPR.” By crossing the border with the Russian Federation in a region that was not under Ukrainian authority, he unlawfully entered Ukrainian territory.

Maronne is a vocal supporter of the Russian Federation’s and President Vladimir Putin’s aggressive foreign policy. Additionally, he planned protests throughout Italy in favor of the “DPR” separatists.

It is believed that Maurizio Marrone was the person behind the condemnation of Ukrainian serviceman Vitaliy Markiv. The soldier was seized in Italy in July 2017 on suspicion of murdering Italian citizen Rochelli, a photojournalist, near Sloviansk in 2014;  Vitaliy Markiv was tried by the Milan Court of Appeal in November 2020, found not guilty, and discharged.

However, Marrone could have a financial incentive to cooperate with Moscow. According to Crime-Ua, the “DPR” separatists may have plans to create coal supply chains from the occupied Donetsk region to African countries. He reportedly obtained the assignment to safeguard and push for the illicit scheme to be carried out in Italy.

On November 4, there are plans to organize a referendum in the Ukrainian territory that are still under occupation, according to Russian propaganda media.

Russian invaders struggle with organizing unlawful referendums

Russian invaders are having a difficult time organizing pseudo-referenda, according to the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. This is particularly true in light of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s successful counteroffensive, the resistance movement’s active presence in the occupied territories, and the continued support of the public for Ukraine.

Puppet observers: an effort to internationalize the annexation of Ukrainian territory

According to the MDI, the Russian invaders intend to use “independent observers,” including those from the EU, to “legitimize” the phony scam elections and the invasion of Ukrainian territory on a global scale. This is an apparent attempt by Putin’s dictatorship, with the aid of media mouthpieces, to project an image of “legitimate voting” to the rest of the world.

Moscow has a history of utilizing surrogate “observers,” who often represent right-wing extreme and neo-Nazi organizations in Europe, in an effort to justify the illegal invasion of Ukrainian territory. Such “observers” from EU nations attended the phony referendums held in 2014 by the separatists in the Donetsk and Luhansk territories under the authority of Russia.

A list of “independent observers” that Russia intends to use in the alleged “referenda” in the temporarily controlled territory has already been made public by Ukrainian intelligence. Marrone’s name appears on the list.

Marrone is becoming toxic for the party

It is uncertain if Marrone will remain in the ranks of Fratelli d’Italia considering how poisonous his presence has grown in light of the impending legislative elections. The political group that will probably take office has already begun to network worldwide.

Given the conflict between the West and Moscow and Russia’s assault on Ukraine, the route toward enhancing ties with Kyiv is particularly important. This is connected to the recent visit to Ukraine by notable Brothers of Italy senator Adolfo Urso. The senator said in a concise tweet that following their meeting with Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, in Kyiv, Italy “supports Ukraine together with European partners and Western allies.”

Now it will be noteworthy to observe how the party’s support for Ukraine and the openly anti-Ukrainian Marrone’s activities interplay.

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