Moldova bans Montenegrin boxers due to the risk of sabotage

Moldova has prohibited the Montenegrin boxing team from entering the country this week for security grounds. 

According to Chisinau sources, this was done for security concerns, who cited fears that foreigners would infiltrate a massive pro-Russian protest planned for Chisinau on Sunday.

Russia is planning a coup – Sandu

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has stated that Moscow is attempting to stage a coup in her nation. According to her, Moscow intends to attack government buildings and replace the government by using rallies and resistance, as well as the participation of persons with military training.

Pro-Russian and anti-European organizations are purportedly sponsoring the demonstration, as are fugitive oligarchs Ilan Shor and Vladimir Plahotniuc, both suspected of corruption, money laundering, and other organized crime-related acts.

Fear of rally of foreign saboteurs with military training

Sandu warned that foreign saboteurs with military training dressed as citizens would try to help arrange the coup under the guise of pro-Russian protests in Moldova.

She remarked after Moldovan police announced last week that they had received intelligence from Ukraine concerning Russia’s purported efforts to disrupt Chisinau’s pro-Western government.

Athletes from Belarus, Serbia, and Montenegro banned from entering Moldova

According to this information, Russia intends to infiltrate anti-government protests using athletes from Belarus, Serbia, and Montenegro, among other countries.

On February 14, the Montenegrin Boxing Association stated that five members of the Budva boxing club were denied entry to Moldova at Chisinau airport and told to return home on the first aircraft without explaining the reason.

It is already evident that Russia plans a coup in Moldova, using murders and hostages to seize control. This scenario must be prevented at all costs because it can seriously endanger Europe’s security.

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