Moldovan authorities successfully tackle attempts to destabilize the country by Russian secret services

In Moldova, the pro-Russian “SOR” party, which staged protests in central Chisinau on 12 March, was accused of provocations and attempts to destabilize the situation in the country.

Moldovan parliament speaker Igor Grosu said that the March 12 protest was “another attempt by some political forces and criminal groups to destabilize the situation in the country”. He thanked law enforcers who recorded numerous violations at the protest and noted that they and other services have repeatedly prevented attempts to organize unrest in Moldova.

“The purpose of these actions is to overthrow the constitutional order, to change the legitimate authorities in Chisinau to hand our country over to Russia, to stop the process of European integration, and also so that Russia can use Moldova in the war against Ukraine”
Igor Grosu. President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova since 29 July 2021

He added that the organizers of this protest should be brought to justice.

Also thanked police MP Radu Marian. He noted that law enforcers detained the provocateurs in time and confiscated large sums of money from them.

“They thwarted the plans of the Shor criminal group, provocateurs, and Russian agents to create chaos and violence in Moldova,” Marian said and warned that this may not be the last attempt to destabilize the country.

Pro-Russian forces in Moldova who marched to protests in central Chisinau on 12 March delivered an ultimatum to the government to reimburse energy bills.

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