Nestle, Danone, Xiaomi: global brands continue to operate in Russia despite its war in Ukraine

Many global brands and well-known corporations have left the Russian market since the beginning of Russia’s all-out war against Ukraine. However, despite the expectations of Ukrainians, not all global corporations have ceased their activities in Russia.

According to CELI, the Chief Executive Leadership Institute of the Yale school of management, more than 1000 companies have ceased operations in Russia since the beginning of the full-scale war against Ukraine.

But some of the well-known brands remained on the market of the aggressor country and continue to operate.

Companies that did not stop their activities in Russia

Several well-known brands continue to ignore the calls to cease or reduce their activities in Russia. These are the companies such as:

Colin’s. This is a Turkish company specializing in the production of jeans and casual clothing for men and women. They still sell goods online in Russia;

Gorenje. A large manufacturer of household appliances that operate in the market of the aggressor country;

Kawasaki. One of the world’s largest industrial concerns producing motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

Lacoste. French clothing company.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Japanese multinational corporation of mechanical engineering, electrical equipment, and electronics.

Patreon. An American online platform that provides creative people, associations, and independent projects with the possibility of financial support through an online subscription system.

Philips. A large international concern operating in the field of electronics, medical equipment, and lighting. Online purchases of this brand are still available in Russia.

Companies that refused new investments, but continue to operate in Russia

Many global companies have postponed planned investments, development, and marketing in Russia. But the business itself works there:

Bayer. German joint stock company that produces medicines, plant protection products, paints, and varnishes.

Binance. A well-known digital asset exchange that works in the direction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. They continue to work in Russia, but have introduced restrictions for Russian accounts worth more than 10 thousand euros.

BlaBlaCar. The world’s largest online platform for finding car drivers going to the place where you go and offering a drive with them.

Bolt. Estonian company that provides services for searching, ordering and paying for trips by car, motorcycle, or electric scooter rental.

Danone. International company for the production of food products.

Domino’s Pizza. International pizzeria chain; one of the world’s largest pizza restaurant chains.

Hipp. Swiss manufacturer of baby food and personal care products for babies. 

Lenovo. Chinese multinational company, and manufacturer of PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and other modern electronics.

Metro AG. International trading wholesale company specializing in servicing hotels, restaurants and catering services, private entrepreneurs.

Nestle. A Swiss company, a global corporation, and the world’s largest food manufacturer. Nestle halted new investments in Russia after Russia invaded Ukraine, but many brands of the corporation still operate in the Russian market. 

Ritter Sport. A well-known German chocolate brand.

Xiaomi. Chinese company specializing in the production of electronic equipment, primarily smartphones, and other “smart devices”.

Yves Rocher. French cosmetics corporation.

These global companies continue to operate in Russia and pay taxes to the Russian budget, which goes to finance the war of aggression against Ukraine, including the bombardments of civilian and energy infrastructure.

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