New party launched in Germany by a pro-Russian leftist Sahra Wagenknecht

Controversial Wagenknecht, a German leftist politician, launches a new party, condemning the current administration as the “worst ever.”

Sahra Wagenknecht rose to fame in 2022 as the leader of a “peace campaign”, advocating that the West stop sending weapons to Ukraine and opposing sanctions on Russia, however, without proposing a different solution to the crisis over the Russian war.

Sahra Wagenknecht, one of Germany’s most contentious politicians, announced plans to launch a new party on October 23, as reported by DW.

Sahra Wagenknecht slams the current German government

She also announced the formation of the Bündnis Sahra Wagenknecht (“Sahra Wagenknecht alliance”) to gather money and lay the groundwork for the new party at a news conference in Berlin.

Furthermore, she stated that her primary motivation for founding the party was to oppose the German government, which she described as “possibly the worst government” the federal republic has ever had.

According to Wagenknecht, the new party aims to provide a “social and peace policy choice” for disgruntled voters who might otherwise lean toward the far-right AfD.

Because of her particular political positioning, Wagenknecht has increased in popularity, particularly in eastern Germany. She takes liberal positions on economic concerns but conservative positions on immigration and gender diversity. This has piqued the interest of working-class people disillusioned with the leading political parties in Germany.

Analysts have already predicted that Wagenknecht’s partnership will threaten the AfD in eastern Germany, where she polls well. The fundamental ideology of the party is anti-European integration and anti-foreign immigration.

Analysts also believe Wagenknecht represents a fresh combination of conservative social ideals and socialist economics, which has never been seen in a German party before. Her performance in upcoming state elections could significantly impact the country’s political future.

Wagenknecht left the Left Party, which she had been a member of for decades, to join the new alliance. The Left Party has stated that any lawmakers who join her group will be expelled.

Sahra Wagenknecht’s stance on Ukraine and Russia

According to the DW, Sahra Wagenknecht of the Left Party has spoken out against German weapons shipments to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, policies that she shares with the far-right AfD, whose stance is also pro-Russian.

During the conference, however, Wagenknecht stated that she would not work with the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Wagenknecht also accused German media of labelling her “pro-Putin” or “pro-Russian” for advocating for a peaceful solution to Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, her demand to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine would leave the country defenceless and help Russian invaders seize and occupy more Ukrainian territories.

Sahra Wagenknecht called on German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to oppose support for Ukraine and against the supply of German tanks. Sahra Wagenknecht’s stance benefits Moscow since Russian troops will seize more territories if Ukraine lacks weapons.

Sahra co-authored the “Manifesto for Peace” petition that appeared on the platform in 2023. More than 748,000 people have signed the petition. The authors of the appeal are Germans Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht.

Under the cover of “peace,” “achieving compromises on both sides,” Alice Schwarzer and Sahra Wagenknecht promote traditional Russian propaganda storylines.

In 2023, she helped organise a rally in Berlin against the delivery of weapons to Ukraine. Is Sahra Wagenknecht pro-Russian? In any case, her statements are beneficial to Moscow and fit Russian propaganda efforts in Europe.

In 2017, Sahra Wagenknecht advocated for Germany to leave NATO and set up a new alliance, including Russia. Wagenknecht is the central figure of leaked Russian documents that show the Kremlin’s efforts to create in Germany a so-called anti-war coalition among far-left and far-right parties to stop support for Ukraine.

The documents published in the Washington Post show that Russia fuels pseudo-pacifist movements in Europe to achieve its political goals. Sahra Wagenknecht condemned the bloodshed in Ukraine without mentioning Russia’s invasion.

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