‘Nuclear-capable’ Russian missile with warhead removed shot down over Ukraine

According to sources, Russia has fired cruise missiles with simulated nuclear warheads over Ukraine.

Defense Express, a Ukrainian news outlet, tweeted saying that one of the X-55-type missiles shot down over Kyiv had a “screwed-on” block acting as a fake nuclear warhead.

Russia attacked Ukraine with a simulated nuclear warhead

Russia has attacked Ukraine with a missile with a simulated nuclear warhead, the Defense Express wrote.

Russians used a Kh-55 missile from their “nuclear arsenal” – Ukraine Armed Forces

The Strategic Communications Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which used a pejorative nickname for the Russian troops in a post shared on Telegram, stated: “Simply put, the Orks used at least one Kh-55 from their “nuclear arsenal” for this attack, “unscrewed” the nuclear warhead from the missile, replaced it with an empty “block,” and fired at Ukraine.

Although we won’t rule it out, at least a couple of these missiles can surface today as events progress.

Given Putin’s belligerent language since the all-out war was launched by Moscow on February 24, this development might be another Russia’s attempt to terrify the West.

This year, there have been a plethora of speculations that the president of Russia would utilize tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Last month, the air force of Ukraine claimed that Russia was down to its “core stockpiles” of Iskander ballistic missiles and was running low on supplies.

However, this week airstrikes hit Ukraine’s energy infrastructure once more, leaving at least seven people dead and more than twenty more injured.

Putin’s army launched massive attacks on Ukraine with more than 100 missiles and drones, cutting out electricity for 10 million people in Ukraine.

In addition, a missile was launched that hit Poland and killed two people.

Polish authorities were still attempting to determine the origin of the missile, saying that it might have been a Ukrainian air defense system missile attempting to repel the Russian attack too close to the border with Poland.

With the latest developments, the war becomes much more dangerous, and it poses a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the European Union and the entire world.

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