Olena Kolbasnikova will be tried in Germany for approving the war against Ukraine

In support of the Russian Federation, Olena Kolbasnikova planned the most significant automobile rally ever held in Germany. She could spend up to three years in prison if found guilty of advocating Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Olena Kolbasnikova, a Russian who organized the biggest pro-Russian vehicle parade in Germany last year, will go on trial in Cologne for war propaganda for openly supporting Russian aggression against Ukraine. A court spokesman informed DW on March 8 that a court hearing is scheduled for March 29 at 1 p.m.

Due to her approval of an aggressive attack against Ukraine on May 8, 2022, during a pro-Russian demonstration, Kolbasnikova is accused under Article 140 of the German Criminal Code. She might spend three years behind bars or pay a fine.

Kolbasnikova is one of the organizers of pro-Russian demonstrations in Germany and works with regional right-wing extremist politicians in this capacity. She addressed the attendees of the car rally held in honor of the next anniversary of Nazi Germany’s capitulation on May 8, 2022, along with Markus Beisicht, a former member of the anti-immigrant “ProNRW” party. Eventually, over a thousand activists gathered in cars near one of the lakes flying the Russian and Soviet flags before departing for the Soviet monument in Cologne.

Statements that are prohibited by the civilized world

The prosecutor’s office in Cologne concluded that Kolbasnikova had broken the law when she uttered the following at the rally:

Russia doesn’t act aggressively. The war in Ukraine is currently being helped to end by Russia.

As a result, the prosecutor’s office claims that the woman approved the offense with statements that would disrupt the peace. A war of aggression is illegal under international law, and anyone who supports it faces up to three years in prison. But the most likely punishment is a fine.

Kolbasnikova asserts that the “fight for peace and truth” led to her becoming a victim. She planned a protest “Against war and armament supply to Ukraine” for September 2022 in the heart of Cologne.

The woman’s trial in Cologne might not be her final one. Kolbasnikova is under investigation, according to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, for publishing an advertisement for the “Wagner” PMC detachments on social media.

Previous crimes


Pro-Russian peace protesters march through downtown Ramstein-Miesebach, Germany, on Sunday, Feb. 26, 2023. (Alexander Riedel/Stars and Stripes)

Organized by a mix of German right-wing politicians and Russian expatriates, the protesters made their way from Ramstein’s small train station toward the main gate of Ramstein Air Base, February, 26, 2022.


These gatherings were organized by members of the local Russian-speaking community, Pamyat activists, and spouses Elena Kolbasnikova and Maxim Schlund, along with other pro-Russian protests held in Cologne after February 24. Kolbasnikova, employed in home healthcare, was fired back in the spring when they tried to justify Russia’s war against Ukraine.

We will remind you that earlier, Reuters identified Russian agents of influence in Germany: an ex-agent of the GRU, right-wing extremists and Cossacks; among them was Elena Kolbasnikova. She became popular among the pro-Russian German movement in 2022 when she announced that she was allegedly fired from her job due to “Russophobia.” The woman was also a co-organizer of pro-Russian actions.

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