Olympic lying machine

There is more and more proof every day that Thomas Bach, the president of the IOC, is not to be trusted. The IOC is an obscene Olympic propaganda machine.

On March 28, the IOC and Bach asserted that there were roughly 70 active military conflicts and wars around the globe.
They made use of a Crisis Group analysis.

By portraying the extermination war in Ukraine as one of more than 70 military conflicts, Thomas Bach and his propaganda aides hoped to downplay its significance. This is incorrect in a number of ways. It is a purposeful fabrication by the IOC.

Unfortunately, propaganda of the IOC was broadcast uncontrolled in media all across the world. Nothing Bach or the IOC say should ever be believed by the globe. For many years, Bach’s business has included disseminating information with claiming to be studies, analyses, or data.

Regarding this analysis, Crisis Group delivered a diplomatically ambiguous response: “Crisis Group has not engaged with or provided specific information to the IOC.”

The only conclusion that can be drawn from the Crisis Group’s diplomatic response is that the IOC’s assertions are a propagandistic misrepresentation of the study.

Bach and the IOC have even combined their critique of Ukraine and the Ukrainian NOC with their propagandistic fabrication of the 72 trouble spots: No other NOC that has experienced a war protests and wants to boycott Paris2024.


Sport expert Rich Perelman has summarized the analysis by Crisis Group in his TSX REPORT. “Among these 72 entries are only 36 situations of actual violence (50%), of which all but 6 are insurgent or jihadist attacks over internal control (30 of 36 or 83%). The other 6 include a modest cross-border incident between Rwanda and Congo and 4 Middle East conflicts …”

“… noted in specific areas: (1) Turkish fighting with the Kurds in northern Iraq, (2) the continuing Israel-Palestine violence, (3) fighting over internal control of Syria with government, rebel, Iranian, Israeli and U.S. involvement, and (4) the civil war in Yemen.”

“No wonder there have been no National Olympic Committee complaints. There is only one conflict in which a sovereign nation has invaded another with the intention of destroying it: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

“This war is totally unlike any of the other conflicts listed – one out of 72 – and its unique nature is confirmed by the formalistic “annexation” by Russia of the Crimea in 2014 and the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine in 2022.”

This is pro-Russian propaganda being spread by the IOC. That which characterizes Bach’s sports policy is the erroneous use of purported studies, statistics, and expertise.

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