Over 50 civilian burials are found in Lyman, liberated by the Ukrainian army

In the liberated Lyman, Donetsk area, burial sites including more than 50 dead civilians have been discovered. The Hromadske TV channel has reported this.

The article claims that the Russian soldiers dug trenches and coerced individuals who were thought to be working with the Ukrainian military to gather the dead bodies for burial.

The bodies could remain on the streets for a very long time, according to a local man who was detained by the invading Russian forces and brought to bury the deceased. Furthermore, the victims of the bombardment were occasionally laid to rest by their neighbors.

There are plaques on the grave, some of which have names written on them and others that merely have numbers.

The article also mentions that Russian troops abandoned their deceased soldiers’ remains when they withdrew. Particularly, only the injured were transported from one of the homes where they created a hospital center and lived.

Image: Espreso

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