Pentagon reveals details of new $800 million military aid package for Ukraine

The US Department of Defense unveiled details of a new $800 million military aid package for Ukraine, including advanced dual-use conventional munitions (DPICM) or cluster munitions.

The new US military assistance package includes additional ammunition for Patriot air defence systems and HIMARS systems, 155-mm and 100-mm artillery shells, AIM-7 missiles for air defence, and Stinger anti-aircraft systems and Javelin anti-tank systems. It was reported by the US Department of Defense.

The equipment includes 31 155-mm howitzers, 32 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 32 Stryker armoured personnel carriers, as well as 27 tactical vehicles for evacuation of equipment and 10 tactical vehicles for towing and transportation of equipment.

In addition, as part of the latest military aid package, the United States is providing demining equipment, TOW missiles, precision aerial munitions, Penguin unmanned aerial vehicles, explosive ordnance and demining systems, small arms, more than 28 million rounds of ammunition, as well as spare parts and other field equipment.

This is the 42nd package of assistance that the United States has provided to Ukraine under the Presidential Drawdown Authority program, i.e. directly from its stockpiles. The total military aid since February 2022 is more than $41.3 million.

Cluster munitions typically release many small fragments, making them more dangerous to civilians. These munitions also have a relatively high percentage of unexploded ordnance, making them dangerous for many years after the end of the conflict.

In 2008, more than 120 countries adopted a treaty banning the production, use and stockpiling of cluster munitions. The United States, Russia and Ukraine refused to join it.

The White House has previously explained that the provision of cluster munitions is a temporary measure until the capacity to produce conventional artillery munitions is deployed. In addition, Ukraine pledged to minimize the risk of using cluster munitions.

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