Philippot coupled with Le Sommier to spread pro-Russia narratives in France

French far-right politician and conspiracy theorist Florian Philippot has teamed up with pro-Russian journalist Régis Le Sommier, a former RT (Russia Today) reporter. Mr Le Sommier is currently the editor-in-chief of the pro-Kremlin French news outlet Omerta.

The discussion about Mr Le Sommier’s recent book serves as the pretext for this interview. “Until the last Ukrainian” is a devastating phrase used in the book’s title. The claim that the West is at war with Russia to the last Ukrainian is well-known Kremlin propaganda punchline.

Obviously, the book and the talk between the two individuals play in Moscow’s hands and become a helpful tool for the Russian propaganda in France.

This helps Moscow distract from the fact that its forces have invaded Ukraine and are currently waging a full-scale war against Ukrainians. The United States and Europe did not force the Kremlin to go to war, but rather the opposite. The role of the West in this war supports Ukraine, including by providing arms, so that the Ukrainians can stop the Russian attacks and protect their territorial integrity.

The speech of Régis Le Sommier reveals a constant anti-Americanism, which pushes him not to condemn Russia and not to disclose to their audiences the whole truth about Ukraine’s invasion by Moscow. He talks of an American war even though it was Russia who invaded Ukraine and is still waging a horrible war there.

One can draw a conclusion that the author abounds in anti-American sentiment, and he is, by default, against those who the United States supports. Even if the US support a country which has been unjustly and violently attacked.

By stating that “The war in Ukraine is managed from Washington”, “It is the war to the last Ukrainian”, and “The USA is a part of the conflict”, the journalist shows his stake in the conflict, where in fact, Russia attacked Ukraine. The USA and Europe help Ukraine to defend itself. After all, Le Sommier worked for Russian state propaganda media RT, so no wonder he supports the pro-Moscow stance.

Regis Le Sommier did not pass up the chance to denounce the European and American arms shipments to Ukraine while debating the criticism of the Americans.

It is known that without arms Ukraine would’ve had difficulties to defend its territory from attacks from Russian troops and to protect cities and civilian infrastructure from Russian missile attacks. That is why Russia is making every effort, through its proxies and agents of influence in the European nations, to persuade the Europeans and Europe to stop arming Ukraine.

As expected, Florian Phillippot and Régis Le Sommier took the opportunity to support the Kremlin’s famous narrative about “Nazis in Ukraine”, mentioning Moscow’s myths about Bandera and Shukhevich.

It is shocking that Le Sommier praises the Russian invaders and does not denounce the invasion or the atrocities against Ukrainian civilians. And this is despite the evidence of the prosecutors and international organizations that attest to the war crimes committed by the Russian military against the civilian population of Ukraine.

Fortunately, the sneaky messages of radical politician Philippot’s channel and his interview with a pro-Russian journalist remain weak in terms of the number of views on YouTube.

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