Poland agreed to allow Ukrainian grain supplies over its borders to resume

Poland agreed to resume the passage of Ukrainian agriculture products across its borders to other countries.

After Poland and other Eastern EU member countries prohibited Ukrainian food imports, a compromise was reached. It alleviated a dispute that erupted last week when Warsaw imposed a unilateral ban on agricultural imports from Ukraine.

The Polish prohibition was imposed last week in response to farmer concerns about a supply excess caused by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and Moscow’s blockade of the Black Sea export route.

Hungary and Slovakia rapidly followed Poland’s lead, and Bulgaria and Romania were considering similar measures.

Polish authorities announced that they managed to develop mechanisms to ensure that no Ukrainian products remain in Poland but rather that the grains are transferred via Poland and further into Europe.

The fact that cheaper Ukrainian products remain and are sold in Poland was the primary concern of Polish farmers.

Ukrainian grain would be escorted through Polish territory to ensure it arrived at its destination.

The restrictions, which may violate EU legislation, have been widely condemned by diplomats and policymakers in the EU, in Brussels, and other European capitals.

According to EU Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis, it is critical to ensure that Ukrainian grain, in particular, can transit through EU territory and reach “countries it was primarily intended for, which are mostly in the developing world, countries that are still suffering due to food instability caused by Russian war against Ukraine.”

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