Pro-Russian saboteurs planned to enter Moldova under the guise of fans

Moldovan President Maia Sandu said yesterday that Russia was planning to carry out a coup d’état through opposition-organized protests by infiltrating military personnel from countries such as Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro.

The plan included sabotage and military-trained people disguised as civilians to carry out violent acts, attack government buildings and take hostages,” Sandu said at a press conference, stressing that this is not the first time Russia has attempted such actions in Moldova.

The Serbs, whom Moldova’s pro-European government suspects of having carried out the coup on Russian orders, are fans of Partizan Grobari.

The undertakers were at the airport in Chisinau, Moldova, and are 12 fans of the Belgrade football club, which is playing a match against host Sheriff in the Confederation League playoffs on Thursday.

Moldovan authorities apparently believe that the Serbs are part of a coup plot.

“The reports sent to us by our Ukrainian partners indicate the locations and logistical aspects of organizing this subversive activity. The plan also provides for the use of foreign citizens for violent activities,” the Moldovan president added.

She said that the change of power in Chisinau would be forced by “violent acts disguised as protests of the so-called opposition.”

“The material contains instructions on how to enter Moldova for citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Serbia and Montenegro. I assure you that the state authorities are working to prevent such challenges and keep the situation under control,” she added.

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