Putin’s end, Russian agents, and Moscow’s options – comments by former US intelligence Debatto

Despite the fact that the world’s leading intelligence agencies predicted that Ukraine would not withstand Russian invasion for more than just a few days, Ukrainian troops surprised the world. Ukraine continues to repel the invaders. And now even the biggest skeptics believe in the victory of Ukraine and the crushing defeat of Russia.

Debbatto comments Russia’s war to Channel 24

David Debatto is a retired U.S. Special Agent of Military Counterintelligence in an interview with Channel 24 told who is behind the explosions on the Crimean bridge and the Nord Stream, what kind of undercover games are being developed by Moscow and why nuclear weapons are not the only trump card up the bloody dictator’s sleeve.

Explosives on Crimean bridge were planted in several places – Debatto debunks Russian version

The Russian FSB has released their version of how the explosion on the Crimean bridge happened. And they insist that it was the Security Service of Ukraine that was behind this operation. Mr Debatto pointed out some details in this explosion.

“First, whenever I read any news coming from the Kremlin, I always filter it very well. I cannot say that this is the case that Ukrainian special services have nothing to do with it. I would be surprised if they were not involved. And I would be even more surprised if the SBU openly stated that yes, it did it. And these 8 people they arrested for the bridge bombing – perhaps they have the same relation to the explosion in Moscow, when the daughter of a famous Russia propagandist was killed.”

“But I personally do not have any insider information about the involvement of Ukrainians in this, but I would not be surprised if they were not involved in some way. It was a very spectacular and powerful operation that had a huge psychological impact on the Kremlin. And it does not matter whether they will repair it quickly or not. But this is a very powerful blow to the heart of Putin. The operation was excellent, and I am sure that Ukrainians joined it, and I congratulate them.”

“I am not some outstanding explosives expert, but I was involved in the investigation of various explosions and worked a lot with explosives experts, and in my opinion – yes, there were explosives in several places in the bridge.”

Nord Stream gas pipelines – Russia is the one who benefits from it

In September, there were sabotages on the Nord Stream gas pipelines in Baltic Sea, with several explosions. As a result, Russian gas supply to Europe by Nord Stream was made impossible. Russia says that it is the fault of Western countries, Putin directly accused the United Kingdom and the United States. Who is really behind this incident and who benefited from it?

Debatto: “Of course, we can argue that the Western European countries, Britain, could have benefited, because in this way they could start negotiations with Russia and get their energy carriers and spend this winter warm, it could be, but it is wrong. Because who will definitely benefit is Russia.”

“By blowing up the gas pipelines, they wanted Europe to turn to them again and start asking for peace, as well as Ukraine, because no one wants to freeze this winter. Add to that the fact that Western Europe is on the threshold of great inflation and no less economic problems, Russia knows all this, and it would be a very good reason for them to start negotiations. So, anyone with critical thinking and who knows Russia would understand that it is only beneficial for Russia. Of course, I cannot prove it, but when the investigation on the blown up gas pipeline is over, it will be known for sure – it was Russia.”

“You are dealing with a wounded animal” – Debatto about Putin’s actions

Russia is losing the war against Ukraine on the battlefield, and now tries to make a huge damage to Ukrainian cities and infrastructure to force Kyiv to hold talks on Moscow’s conditions. Russia also threatened Ukraine and the West with its nuclear weapons several times. Debatto comments on Putin’s behavior and options that RUssia still has. 

Debatto: “With the exception of the nuclear bomb, which everyone is constantly talking about, he has quite a few options. Yes, he can completely cut off oil and gas supplies to Europe and Ukraine, it would be very difficult, and it is a very difficult issue for Western Europe. Putin is doing it now and will continue to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, maybe : strike your nuclear power plants; try to plunge Ukraine and the whole of Europe into a cold and dark winter, destroying their economies, and again in order to drag them into negotiations; will try to completely block the entire Black Sea, but he will not succeed because his Black Sea Fleet is not very capable now, but he can try.”

“Here you are dealing with a wounded animal, if he had been rational from the beginning, he could have completely blocked the supply of grain to the Middle East and Africa. That is, he still has a lot of things in his repertoire before using nuclear weapons.”

Russia’s war and its fall can cause unpredictable consequences, including geopolitical ones. The question arises: is the US government interested in Ukraine’s complete victory in this war and are the US prepared for a Russian regime fall?

Debatto: “Everything started to change, at least in the US and Western Europe, when Ukrainians defended Kyiv. Believe it or not, everyone in the West was firmly convinced that Kyiv would fall in a week. I personally did not believe it, and neither did those who worked with me, but the vast majority of the West, including our leaders, unfortunately, did.”

“They began to think – maybe the Russian army is not so strong, and not the second in the world, maybe Ukrainians will really stand, maybe we need to reconsider our approaches, and in general, the point of no return was your counterattacks in Kharkiv region and in the East of Ukraine in general. This means that the West and the United States decided to put everything at stake. And even the biggest skeptics, who could not be convinced, now say – yes, Ukraine will win, and Russia will lose, and it is only a matter of time – how quickly it will happen, how quickly the war will end.”

“When Russia loses and Ukraine wins, there will be a modern Marshall Plan. That is, the West led by the United States will rebuild Ukraine. And it will become even better than it was before, it will take time and money, but still.”

“As for Russia – it all depends on who will come to power after Putin, there will be this post-Putin period when he will lose. I will not tell you anything surprising, you know it yourself – he will not survive. No Russian leader has ever survived a Russian military defeat. And he will not be an exception.”

“But who will inherit power after him is a very good question. If there will be someone even worse than him – this is a problem, not only for Russia, but also for the West – what will he do? If someone will be the same as Putin, you have already mentioned it – a new parade of independence declarations will begin in Russia, when all these minorities that have been oppressed for centuries will rise up, they feel weakness in the Kremlin, and there is weakness there. And what the West and America will do with this – everything will depend on how powerful these uprisings will be.”

Photo: 24tv.ua

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