Putin is preparing an army of ‘kamikaze’ spies in the UK

According to leaked documents, Vladimir Putin has ordered Russian secret services to step up the recruitment of kamikaze spies in the UK.

Former British intelligence officials said Britain was now a “prime” target and Russia would do everything possible to “get access to people and use agents in the right places”.

Boris Karpichkov, a former Russian spy, previously claimed that at least four Russian agents were currently working in Westminster.

MPs and their staff have been urged to remain vigilant as tensions with Moscow over the Ukraine conflict escalate.

In newly released emails, a Russian intelligence source close to the Kremlin suggested that Moscow was “stepping up undercover work with secret informants” throughout the United Kingdom.

The British Parliament
“Another direction – to intensify undercover work with secret informants in all spheres of society in Britain, mainly among civil servants and politicians of all ranks – including those who sit in Parliament and members of the Lords”
Two GRU agents named as Ruslan Boshirov, left, and Alexander Petrov, were charged with the attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia
“The emphasis is on finding scumbags ready to commit self-sacrifice under any pretext. We need ‘kamikaze-torpedoes’ who would agree to participate in sabotage”
The Cambridge Five was a ring of spies in the United Kingdom that passed information to the Soviet Union
“Particular attention must be paid to activists from international student youth movements, trade unions, and leaders of various religious communities.”

Former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon said she has “no doubts” the Russians will try to infiltrate Britain – and warned that there will be a “urgency” to do so in light of the Ukraine conflict.

Former MI5 intelligence officer Annie Machon

According to Annie, Russian intelligence services are likely to try to recruit agents through the use of money, ideology, compromise, and self-interest.

According to a former MI5 officer, they would look for people who were sympathetic to Russia’s cause and would usually offer large sums of money in exchange for an “exciting” life of espionage.

The former head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, said that the spies could also target the topic of support for Ukraine.

“They will be very much focused on the UK… to get an idea of what is going on at the heart of the government, our attitude to the war in Ukraine, our relationship with the Ukrainians,” Sir Dearlove said.

As a reminder, Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church could have spied on the Soviet Union in Geneva in the 1970s.

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