Putin met with fake mothers of soldiers to try to silence protests of real mothers

In Russia, protests by mothers whose children were sent to the war in Ukraine, from which they are likely not to return, are beginning. Vladimir Putin allegedly reacted to this by meeting with the mothers, but they turned out to be fake.

But whatever this meeting was, it was a response to true mothers’ protests, thinks the Russian opposition journalist Olga Romanova, Channel 24 reported.

Mothers’ protests in Russia are not shown

According to her, shortly before Putin’s meeting, various protests were held in Moscow, where real women from different regions came and demanded a meeting with the president. One of these groups was quite strong, so it came to the point that some men in civilian clothes chased these people, and one of their escorts was beaten at the train station.

Putin met fake mothers of mobilized men

On November 25, the Kremlin dictator Putin allegedly held a meeting with the mothers of the Russian military and mobilized men for the war in Ukraine. 

The media revealed that the women meeting Putin were not mothers of soldiers. It’s a fake, as they have played various roles in videos from the Kremlin and on state propaganda TV. Independent journalists and social media users noticed that the women at the meeting with Putin were involved in Russian politics or proven participants in propaganda events.

True mothers of mobilized men got banned

A Russian news channel posted a video in which a Russian woman claims that the authorities do not meet with her, even though she is looking for her son, a soldier who disappeared in March. The Council of Mothers and Wives reported that unknown individuals began spying on its members after they announced that they would hold a roundtable to address problems faced by conscripts. The Telegram channel “OSVR COUNCIL OF MOTHERS AND WIVES” posted a video message exposing the filthy truth about President Putin.

The mothers’ movement is just emerging

It is essential to understand that this mothers’ movement is just emerging and is not fully conscious and formed in a usual protest way. Yes, it includes women who did not want to let their sons die, but they still do not understand how tragic the situation is.

As Romanova explained, they still call Ukrainians “opponents” or “enemies.” They are still afraid to say the word “war” or “front” and instead call it a “special operation” and “demarcation line.” They do not have the vocabulary to describe what is happening, but the fact that they do not want to send their children to fight, no matter with whom, is a good thing.

“The mothers do not understand yet, but there is still little left to understand. Still, there is hope that at least the fear of death of children begins to prevail over the fear of security forces, over the fear of what neighbors will think, what the prosecutor’s office will think”, – Romanova emphasized.

She added that we should face the truth – now, most of the Russian population is still either indifferent, counts money, or supports the aggression in Ukraine. Therefore, there is no need to build illusions – yes, protest movements are beginning, but the awakening of conscience, logic, and brain in Russia is far away.

Guerrilla groups are being prepared

Olga Romanova also said that in addition to the protest, which is maturing, there are now various groups that can be called even guerrillas. For example, several Russian opposition groups in Poland have announced that they are preparing something like an extremist underground.

“Two people known in the protest, Anastasia Sergeeva and Denis Sokolov, announced that a civic association has been created, which deals with Russian units fighting as part of the Foreign Legion in Ukraine, and people who are ready to engage in guerrilla activities in Russia,” the opposition journalist said.

Women are burning military registration and enlistment offices

Romanova added that she had met a young Russian woman who had burned down two military registration and enlistment offices in Russia. This woman shared that she had taught herself how to make Molotov cocktails, threw them into the buildings, and when they started burning, she calmly walked away. After that, she managed to leave the country but wanted to return and continue doing the same.

The journalist believes that given the fact that since the beginning of the year, about 70 military registration and enlistment offices have burned down in Russia, there are people ready to do such things, and there are likely to be more and more of them.

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