Putin’s disposable soldiers

The latest reports from a Ukrainian think tank suggest that Russia’s mobilization is probably not yet complete, as Vladimir Putin has stated; the British Defense Ministry claims that troops are sent off to fight with “minimal or no training.”

They also added that the exercises are taking place in Belarus “because of Russia’s lack of training personnel, ammunition, and funds.”

“The Russian armed forces are already depleted, providing training for the approximately 300,000 troops needed for the ‘partial mobilization’ that was announced on Sept. 21, 2022.”

“These problems will be compounded by an additional regular fall annual conscription cycle announced Sept. 30, 2022, beginning Nov. 1, 2022, which is expected to draw an additional 120,000 troops.”

“Newly mobilized draftees are likely to have minimal or no training. Experienced officers and instructors have been sent to fight in Ukraine, and some probably died in the conflict.”

Thus, Putin is not only killing the population of Ukraine, but also his own people, whom he is throwing to their certain deaths.

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