Putin’s guards work as actors in TV stories with him

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s New Year’s speech offered some revelations. The New Year’s “greeting” was filled with old propaganda theses, invented “successes,” and various fakes that he declared standing in front of a group of the fake military.

We noticed the details clearly show that things are terrible for the Russian dictator.”War Strategist” made only one visit to a remote part of the territory of the war zone during the Russian invasion of Ukraine to record a New Year’s address. 

The analytical Telegram channel “Socrates’ Sieve” emphasizes.

New Year’s speech in the company of the closest ones

Putin was in Rostov-on-Don eight days ago, where he met with a group of people in military uniform. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that these were officers from the Southern Military District. This was stated by Peskov to “Kommersant”.

However, it turned out that the Russian president was again surrounded by a group of actors from the Federal Security Service (FSO), not the real military. 

“An important detail has been revealed: the bench of reserve confidants, even in the FSO, is minimal,” states “Socrates’ Sieve.”

Putin’s New Year speech narratives

The head of the Kremlin addresses not from the capital but from the province and even from a city with an ambiguous reputation.

Analyzing the ideological content of the New Year’s speech, we can note the absence of any new meaning. Another portion of lies spread by Russian war propaganda. 

As it appeared, “Russia is under some mysterious occupation,” even though in 2022 it was the first to shell Ukraine with missiles, the “special military operation,” according to Putin, is nothing more than a rebellion against governments from the West, as he said.

In addition, Putin, who launched a war to destroy Ukraine, is now “cynically complaining” about the unexpected powerful sanctions.

By the way, the thesis about the “consolidation” of Russian society seemed strange – because the opposite sentiment is growing in Russian society.

Putin’s actors were exposed. Who are they?

Thus, even the Russian media noticed and had a good laugh at the fact that there was a woman behind the dictator, who during 2022, was already during the celebration of Easter and Fisherman’s Day.

Also, this blonde woman repeatedly appeared in the background during Putin’s trips to the regions of the Russian Federation, where she played the roles of an ordinary factory worker, seamstress, or milkmaid.

And the other two so-called Russian army soldiers with medals on their chests were already near Putin during economic forums and exhibitions of equipment. However, they were in civilian clothes and tried to portray the event’s participants, but with their short hair, it was challenging.

Fake military and same propaganda as sign of falling regime

Apparently, because of the Russian dictator’s panic and fear of his people, his guards work as actors and have an extensive wardrobe for such events. After all, relations with these people are well established, but the ordinary community, according to Putin, can kill him because there is a reason.

So, Putin said fake words near fake soldiers in the last days of the last year. Because real Russian soldiers would not have stood calmly by him but would have answered for their “comrades” sent to a certain death on the front lines in Ukraine.

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