Putin’s main spy in Hungary feels at home

Bécsi Street, 5 in Budapest, is notable because it is home to many luxury brand boutiques. Apartments in this luxurious building should have been rented out to some fashion glossy editorial office or the office of large fashion corporations.

But at this address, the son of the leading Russian spy Sergey Naryshkin is registered in a spacious two-room apartment.

Naryshkin junior is not a fan of the fashion industry. Interestingly enough, a company associated with the inner circle of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is registered at the same address. We will analyze the details of these strange coincidences in the article, so read further.

Who is Sergey Naryshkin?

Sergey Naryshkin has been the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation since October 5, 2016. The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation was directly involved in the full-scale invasion of Ukraine – Naryshkin made a mistake in predicting the world’s reaction to their invasion, not soberly assessing the extent of Russia’s isolation. 

Naryshkin is also the Chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union States of Belarus and Russia and a member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia party. He is also a reliable lever of influence for Putin on Hungary.

Naryshkin took care of his family in Hungary

Veronica Naryshkina is the youngest daughter of Sergey Naryshkin, a master of sports in swimming, and she managed Russian national teams in this sport. She also has shares in construction, restaurant, and agricultural companies and a company related to oilfield equipment.

Naryshkina celebrated her 30th birthday with the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan, Leyla Aliyeva, on the Radisson Flotilla ship owned by God Nisanov, a Russian-Azerbaijani billionaire.

Sergey Naryshkin has a niece – Maria Yakubchyk. She works as a chief specialist in the property management department of Gazprom Neft.

Her parents own the Gatchina distillery, and in 2021 they became the owners of the Koktebel plant in Russian-occupied Crimea. According to insider sources, Maria Yakubchyk’s parents, Alena and Mikhail, are involved in the suicide of the head of the Koktebel administration and the criminal prosecution of their former business partner Tabachkov.

Also, until 2019, one of the legal entities of the manufacturer and distributor of alcohol TM Medoff, Arctica, Merna, Khutorok – EBC Eastern Beverage Company, which does business in Ukraine, Russia, and the occupied Crimea, was located in the same address as the Koktebel plant leased by the Yakubchiks at that time.

Mr. Yakubchyk also owns the company “Ar-Vi-Ai Trade,” which is the exclusive distributor of the drink “Rural Moonshine” produced in Lithuania, as well as the wine business in Spain – the company “VINOS & BODEGAS SA.”

Well, and “father’s pride” – Andrey Naryshkin – the eldest son. Since 2011 he has been Deputy General Director of CJSC “Energoproject” Gagik Zakharyan (1, 2). In 2012-2013, Andrii was Deputy Head of the Office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of FGC UES LLC (Rossetti). And he plays a vital role in this investigation.

Naryshkin’s close relatives have permanent residence permits in Hungary. Unlike him. It is known that Naryshkin’s juniors – Andrey and Veronika – applied for it in 2013.

Andrey Naryshkin’s Hungarian apartment 

According to Hungarian registers, Andrey Naryshkin has a Budapest residence permit: 1052 Budapest, 5 Bécsi Street, 3rd floor, door 1 (Bécsi utca 5, 3. emelet 1. Ajtó). The apartment has an area of 101 m2 and is estimated at 365 thousand euros.

By the way, this is a very remarkable street in the elite district of the Hungarian capital, the address of which also appears in a dirty business and political scheme – the real estate company Voldan Investments is also registered at this address.

Voldan Investments and fraudulent schemes

Voldan Investments sold Hungarian government bonds in Russia under the “golden visa” program through the company Good Life Consulting (GLC) – this is indicated by the investigation (1, 2) of the Hungarian edition 444. hu. The essence of this scheme was as follows: to purchase bonds, you do not need to buy real estate or open a business here, and the funds are fully reimbursed within five years. 

These are fraudulent schemes because it is a good loophole: various unscrupulous foreigners can freely settle and move around the EU. The European Union has called to stop the continuation of this program, and the bond was suspended in 2017.

The stamp of the real estate company Voldan, on the accounts, when buying the bonds, bore the name and signature of Michael Shabtai, who is friends with the head of the Prime Minister’s cabinet Rogán Antal – the author of the “golden visa” program and the leader of the Fidesz faction in the parliament (yes, the leader of the same section is Prime Minister Orban). The media believe that another head of Voldan is Arpad Habony – Orban’s adviser.

It is known from the article that in 2013 and 2014, more program participants received residence permits than bought bonds – including 1265 Russian citizens. Due to the shady schemes of this program, Hungary suffered more losses than the planned profits.

Rogan’s office commented on this investigation, denying any political ties with the Naryshkin family, saying that Naryshkin received a residence permit here in 2015, when, allegedly, his father, Sergey Naryshkin, was, so to speak, “out of business .”And this year, Andrey was allegedly denied a residence permit, adding that he had hardly ever been in the two-room apartment in Budapest.

This is how Rogan’s office tried to justify Andrey Naryshkin because the son of the Russian spy was registered at this address after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Why is this done by the person who is supposed to oversee the civilian intelligence services responsible for fighting Russian spies?

Who is Michael Shabtai?

In this investigation, Michael Shabtai plays one of the critical roles in Russia’s strong ties with Hungary, represented by Orban and Putin.

Michael Shabtai is a Georgian-Israeli who has long lived and done business in Hungary, owns real estate investment companies and Hungarian media, and owns the Princess Pékség bakery chain.

In 2021, Michaeli acquired a 50% stake in Brit Media Kft / Michaeli, Schwartz & Brit Zrt, which owns political magazines, complimentary newspapers, radio stations, and an advertising company in Hungary. After the deal, Brit Media was accused of actively publishing state announcements and advertising in connection with the election campaign (Orban) and “setting up an audience critical of the government.”

And now let’s return to the Budapest address where the elite real estate is located (where Andrey Naryshkin is registered). It belongs to TNN Realestate Investments Kft, which Shabtai Michael owns. 

In an article by Direct36 in 2018, the authors of the publication, based on email correspondence and other documents, claim that Michaeli “participated in the activities” of the company Voldan Investments Limited from Liechtenstein. His name and signature were on the Voldan seal on the accounts when the bonds were purchased.

In an interview with Hungarian media last year, Michaeli said: “The only point of contact was that a company that sold settlement bonds in Russia and some other areas rented an office from me.”

Michael Shabtai’s family is a crucial link with Russia

Michael Shabtai’s father, Itzhak, was the representative of the World Congress Of Georgian Jews (WCGJ) in Eastern Europe in 2003. In particular, he spoke at the WCGJ leadership congress in January 2003. During the same period, the President of this Congress was Miriashvili Michael. After he died in 2009, this post was taken by his son – Miriashvili Michael-II, who shook hands with Putin in Israel in 2012.

Putin and Naryshkin cooperation

According to Russian media publications (1, 2), Miriashvili Michael-II was a good friend of the former mayor (1991-1996) of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak. In particular, he financed his election campaign. 

In May 1990, Putin was Sobchak’s advisor; after Sobchak was elected mayor, Putin headed the Committee on External Relations of the City Hall in 1992; he also became deputy mayor, then first deputy mayor, and held this position until 1996.

During this period, Dmitry Medvedev, Sergey Naryshkin, Igor Sechin, Vitaly Mutko, Anatoly Chubais, Alexey Miller, Alexey Kudrin, Vladimir Churov, German Gref, Viktor Zubkov, Dmitry Kozak all worked in the St. Petersburg City Hall. During the 1996 election campaign Putin headed Sobchak’s headquarters, in 2000 Sobchak was Putin’s confidant during the presidential election campaign.

Strong ties between Hungary and Russia

Russia’s close ties with Hungary have been known for a long time, and it became harder to hide them after February 24. 

Russian spy Naryshkin has a lot of relations with Hungarians, with Orban in particular, through influence schemes that include agreements on the purchase of energy resources, joint businesses, real estate, and political support. This is why every speech of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is blatant Russian propaganda.

Sergey Naryshkin is already under sanctions from 9 countries. The NAACP proposed to add Andrey Naryshkin’s name to the sanctions list in Europe because Naryshkin Jr. “participates in shaping the policy of the Russian government, which threatens the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine.”

Russian agents are actively working inside the European Union, but their work is noticeable and must be disclosed.

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