Putin’s top propagandist says that Russian troops must enter Paris and Berlin

The Kremlin continues to threaten Western Europe. And for this, Putin’s regime traditionally uses its mouthpieces on state TV propaganda. This time, the most popular in Russia state TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov declared that Russian troops must enter Berlin and Paris and stay there.

“Scholz says that “(there is) a Russian aggression” – we must win. Scholz, we must enter Berlin and never leave”, Solovyov declared.

“Macron put his version of wheeled tanks, which means we must enter Paris and never withdraw our troops from there again”, Russian state TV anchor emphasized.

“Fools Gorbachev and Yeltsin, who withdrew our troops from Eastern Europe. Fool Khrushchev – closed our military base in Finland. Would they all twitch now? They would be silent in a rag, and there would be no sanctions and nothing. After the Second World War, the Americans occupy a significant part of Europe – their troops are still stationed there. Why are we in a hurry to get home?”, Solovyov declared.

Solovyov’s worrying declarations follow Dmitry Medvedev’s nuclear threats. When Putin’s Russia has no arguments for talks to justify its war, it turns to threats.

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