Ramstein-7: the Pentagon shared the list of weapons to be sent to Ukraine

On November 16, the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine convened its seventh meeting. New aid initiatives were announced by allied countries.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin shared the list of military aid for Ukraine that allies agreed on. The Ukrainian defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov thanked for the assistance.

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The United States will help Ukraine as long as it is needed

Lloyd Austin reportedly stated that approximately 50 of the countries taking part in the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine are ready to continue supporting the nation during the opening of the seventh meeting in the Ramstein format, according to Ukrinform.

“As Russia continues to target Ukrainian civilians and energy infrastructure, nations of goodwill continue to stand with Ukraine. And the cruelty of Russia just makes them more determined”, emphasized the head of the Pentagon.

According to Austin, thanks to the efforts of many members of the Contact Group who continue to contribute, the Ukrainian army is gaining more and more important defense capabilities. 

Specifically, during the attack on November 15, the NASAMS air defense systems “delivered 100% success in intercepting Russian missiles.”

The US Secretary of Defense stated, “Russia launched a missile strike on Ukrainian cities and people, and yesterday we saw reports of a tragic explosion in Poland, close to the border with Ukraine.”

The “Ramstein” participants traditionally heard Ukraine’s report on the evolution of the situation at the front in the war against Russia and discussed the most urgent needs of Ukraine to ensure its defense capabilities. Lloyd Austin claims that they talked about how to make the training of Ukrainian defenders better and continue.

What military aid and weapons Ukraine will get under “Ramstein-7”

Lloyd Austin reported that allies had promised to provide Ukraine:

  • Sweden – an aid package worth $ 287 million, including air defense systems;
  • Spain – 2 more Hawk launchers and missiles;
  • Sweden – an aid package worth $ 287 million, including air defense systems;
  • Germany – air defense systems, artillery, and ammunition for MLRS;
  • Greece – ammunition of 155-millimeter caliber;
  • Germany – air defense systems, artillery, and ammunition for MLRS.

The chief of the Pentagon claims that seven nations either sent vital air defense equipment to Ukraine or made commitments to do so at the most recent Ramstein meeting.

Additionally, within this contact group, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and the United States are collaborating to update 90 T-72 tanks for Ukraine. Austin asserts that the Ramstein Group has been crucial in preserving Ukraine’s military capabilities. Additionally, several nations are currently exploring ways to assist Kyiv in long-term self-defense.

“Through the winter, we’ll keep up the momentum we’ve gained so that Ukraine may keep building on its victories and taking the initiative on the battlefield. Ukrainian soldiers are battling with more tenacity and resolve than ever before,” said Austin.

Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukraine’s minister of defense, stated that the Ramstein-7 meeting’s top topic and the government’s main goal is the protection of Ukrainian skies.

“We are developing an integrated and echeloned air defense system with our partners. On the battlefield, we are getting ready for winter”, Reznikov said.

He expressed gratitude to Austin for “leading the global alliance against evil.”

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